What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a solution or system that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflow, so companies can increase efficiency and grow revenue faster. This definition focuses on the outcome, the outcome that everyone wants, increased sales and revenue.

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Good for Marketing and Sales

Marketing automation enables you to achieve these outcomes by scoring, profiling, and prioritising leads and then automating programs that nurture those leads based on a stage in your sales cycle. It’s more data-reliant and rigorous than any system you might administer manually, and it leverages the efficiencies gained by automating marketing activities to increase actual sales while reducing cost per lead.

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Costs Down, Revenue Up

This solution offers the power to cultivate and improve customer contact and nurturing, with more qualified prospects and  reliable analytics. For sales, it delivers a higher quality lead, far closer to sale than ever before. Overall (and this is for the business owner reading this) this system makes an offer you can’t ignore.

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