We all have the same 24 hours in the day…

and as a small business, every one of those hours matter.

Sales and marketing automation allows you to do more in that time, by streamlining tasks and initiating activities based on prospect/client actions.

at’s working (and what’s not). From forecasting to new leads to email open rates, you’ll be able to make smart decisions.

Sales Automation

Never lose track of a lead again. Build a sales pipeline that tracks sources, manages leads, automates tasks, emails, calls and provide visibility into your sales team’s efforts & effectiveness.

Marketing Automation

Set up welcome series, long-term nurtures and automate email follow ups based on behavior and actions. Marketing activities can be set to start or stop (or begin a new sequence) based on your defined goals.


Initiatives are only as good as their reporting. Gain customised insight into your sales and marketing activities to determine wh